Ankita Lokhande kissed this person, not Vicky Jain, video goes viral
Ankita Lokhande kissed this person, not Vicky Jain, video goes viral

Ankita Lokhande: All Bigg Boss 17 contestants are in the news right now. Ankita Lokhande may have lost the show, but she is still attracting media attention and love from fans. Ankita was also in the news about her married life on the show, and now, even after coming out, people are wondering what will happen to Ankita and Vicky’s relationship.

In the finale episode too, Ankita’s mother-in-law said some such hurtful things, after which fans felt that the actress would take some action after her exit.

Ankita Lokhande video goes viral

At the same time, many photos and videos of the actress partying are going viral. It seems like Ankita is partying day and night to feel good. Now a romantic video of his has gone viral on social media. Ankita is seen with a very romantic look in this video. But surprisingly, in this video, she is not in love with her husband, Vicky Jain, but with someone else. Ankita has now danced fiercely with the former Bigg Boss 17 contestant.

Who kissed Ankita?

Apart from this, something is also seen in the video; watching it, even Vicky Bhaiya will get dizzy and fall. This video has surfaced, in which a man kisses Bigg Boss contestant Ankita Lokhande. Fans also make fun of Vicky Bhaiyya for seeing the way Ankita dances with the boy. The person with whom this video of Ankita has gone viral is none other than Navid Sole. It was he who kissed Ankita in this video.

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