Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain nominates Ankita for the entire season?

Bigg Boss 17: The biggest reality show on television, ‘Bigg Boss’, is very popular with the audience. Currently, the 17th season of the show Bigg Boss is underway. This season is quite different from the other seasons. This time there are two marriages in the program and along with the boyfriend-girlfriend there is also an ex. This season is also special because Bigg Boss himself will be playing with the contestants this time.

At the beginning of the show, Bigg Boss divided the house into three parts and also sent the contestants there in different groups. Now suddenly Bigg Boss has destroyed all three parts – heart, mind and power. After this, all the contestants were forced to live together in the living area.

After this, Bigg Boss called Vicky Jain and told him that he did not have to do anything new. Just like earlier, they had nominated Neil Bhatt for the entire season, now Ankita will have to do the same. If he wants to stay in the Dilwale room, he will have to nominate his wife Ankita for the entire season. It was not shown whether Vicky did this or not, but he fought with Ankita.

In the video, Ankita was shown getting angry with Vicky. First, Bigg Boss told Ankita in front of all the housemates that the same task that was given to her was given to Vicky. The reactions of all the family members on this are worth watching. Then Ankita tells Vicky in private that she understands Vicky’s point. Vicky tells her that if she is understanding then why is ‘Hey’ coming in her words? After this Ankita says to Vicky are you also using me as a game?

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