Bigg Boss 17: Who will become the winner of Bigg Boss 17?

Bigg Boss 17: The one who has popularity and a fan following in the Bigg Boss house can win the show due to his voting. After the elimination of Tehelka, the question running in everyone’s mind is who will be the winner of this year? Be it Vicky Jain or Neil Bhatt, Ankita Lokhande or Mannara Chopra, Anurag Doval or Isha Malviya in the house, everyone has been playing well and their voting ranking is also very strong. Due to there being so many good players in the show, viewers and fans are getting confused every day as to who will reach the finals and who will win the Bigg Boss trophy this time.

Last week, due to the fight between Tehelka and Abhishek Kumar, Karan Johar threw Tehelka out of the house, while recently Isha and Abhishek have also got into a scuffle, the account of which will be given by Salman Khan in the upcoming Weekend Vaar. Amidst all these fights and quarrels, there is one contestant who has been chosen by the audience as the king of this week.

Bigg Boss has revealed this week’s favourite contestant or king. This week there was a contest between Munavvar and Anurag, in which the public made poet Munavvar the king with their majority vote. Munawwar has been becoming the king by winning this match for many weeks. His continuous becoming the king and the love of the audience can take him to the position of this year’s winner.

These contestants joined the top 5

The list of the top five contestants has been released, in which Munavvar is in first position, Ankita Lokhande is in second, Aishwarya Sharma is in third, Vicky Jain is in fourth and Neil Bhatt is in fifth. Ormax Media has shared this list of the top 5 people on its Twitter account. While sharing this list, Ormax Media has said that these are the popular top 5 contestants, who have been voted by the public.