Controversy over Nayanthara 'Annapoorni' continues; Netflix finally took a big decision
Controversy over Nayanthara 'Annapoorni' continues; Netflix finally took a big decision

South Indian actress Nayantara is currently in the limelight. A few days ago, her film ‘Annapoorni’ was released. However, a few days after its release, the film has been embroiled in controversy. It has been alleged that the scenes shown in the film hurt the sentiments of Hindus. Meanwhile, given the growing controversy over the film, Netflix has made a big decision regarding the film.

A few days ago, the movie ‘Annapurni’ was released on the OTT platform Netflix. However, given the growing controversy surrounding the film, Netflix has now removed it from its OTT platform. Southern film expert Christopher Kanagaraj has provided this information by sharing the post. Sharing a video of the movie Annapoorni, he wrote, “The movie ‘Annapoorni’, which was released on Netflix a week ago, has now been removed from the streaming platform.

What exactly is the controversy?

In the movie ‘Annapoorani’, it is mentioned that Lord Ram is not a vegetarian. The film shows the daughter of a Hindu priest making biryani and reciting namaz. Love Jihad has also received support for this. It has been alleged that these scenes in the film hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. Not only this but a case has also been registered in Mumbai and Jabalpur against the makers, along with actress Nayantara.

Annapoorani is a Tamil movie. Actress Nayantara is playing the lead role in this movie. Along with Naytara, Jai, Sathyaraj, Karthik Kumar and Renuka also play important roles. The film is based on the life of a female chef.

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