Did Shruti Haasan Marry Her Boyfriend? Orry Revealed His Secret In Conversation
Did Shruti Haasan Marry Her Boyfriend? Orry Revealed His Secret In Conversation

A big revelation has emerged about famous actress Shruti Haasan, the Salaar actress was dating artist Shantanu Hazarika for a long time. Orry aka Orhaan Avatramani has said something surprising about Shruti Haasan’s marriage. Ori held an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Reddit on Christmas Day, during which fans asked some personal questions related to his life.

First of all, a social media user asked Ori, ‘Hi Ori, is there any celebrity who has refused to get photographed with you and has shown a forceful attitude? If you can’t take the name, you can at least give a hint. Ori gave a very direct and flat answer to this and wrote the name of Shruti Haasan. He said that I never asked her to pose, but at an event where I met her, she was very rude to me. 

Ori further said that he did not even know her and she was introduced to him by Shruti Hassan. He felt very bad about the behaviour, he said perhaps there was some misunderstanding. Responding to this, Ori also mentioned Shruti Haasan’s husband and called Shantanu Hazarika her husband.

Ori said, “I didn’t like Shruti’s behaviour because I get along very well with her husband and I also like her a lot, although things will get better with time.” This response from Ori has created many questions in the minds of social media users. However, Shruti Haasan has not yet given any statement on her part in this regard.

Let us tell you, some time ago there was speculation about the marriage of the actress, but during an interview, Shruti had refused marriage and said that I am very scared of the word ‘marriage’, so at the moment, I am not planning to get married.

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