Dunki? Know the meaning of the name of Shahrukh Khan's film

Dunki: Dunki…what should be the correct name of Shahrukh Khan’s new film? From the announcement of the film to the release of its poster, it was talked about in both senses. From social media to people’s words, both names are used. However, the word dinky has been used on the film’s poster. In such a situation, the question is what is the correct name of the movie Dinky or Dunki? Let us know what is its true meaning and what is its connection with the name of the movie.

If we look at both the words DUNKI and DONKEY, confusion increases regarding the pronunciation of DUNKI. But the pronunciation of both is the same. This is where the confusion arose. However, Shahrukh Khan explained both its meaning and pronunciation on his Twitter.

What is the meaning of DUNKI?

In the #AskSRK session on social media, a user asked a question related to this to Shahrukh Khan. The user had written, Can you tell the reason for naming this film DUNKI? Answering this question of the user, Shahrukh Khan explained its pronunciation and meaning on X (Twitter). Shahrukh writes, DUNKI will also be read as Dunky, just like Hunky, Funky and Monkey are read.

Where did this word come from?

The word DUNKI is related to dinky flight. The subject of the film is also related to Donkey Flight. It means taking entry into a country illegally. For this, ways are found by which one can enter any country without any visa or passport.

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