Hina Khan's film Country of Blind

Bigg Boss fame Hina Khan’s film Country Of Blind has joined the race for the nomination for Oscar. Based on the novel story of HG Wells, Hina Khan’s film Country of Blind has been rated 8.5/10 by IMD. This film also got a place in the Oscar Library. The film’s heroine Hina Khan has expressed her happiness with fingers crossed on being nominated for an Oscar.

Hina Khan had created a stir on television and now she is creating a sensation in cinema as well. In October, the Oscar Library invited Hina Khan’s Country Of Blind to become part of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Library’s permanent collection. The film, based on the story of the lives of blind people and their difficulties, has been well-received abroad.

About the movie Country Of Blind

In this film, Hina Khan is playing the role of a blind girl, the story of this film is about a world where all the people are blind. In this world of the blind comes a person with eyes, who becomes a new ray of hope for all the blind. Apart from the hero, most of the people in the film are blind, hence this film has been named Country Of Blind.

The story of the film is based on a special community, which remains extremely isolated from the outside world. A very terrible disease affects this community, due to which all the children of the new generation of the community become blind. Hina Khan plays the lead role in the film.

Apart from Hina Khan, many actors like Shoaib Nikash, Mir Sarwar, Anushka Sen, Inamulhaq, Ahmar Haider, Pradhuman, Namita Lal, Hussain Khan, Jitendra Rai, Rahat Shah Kazmi, Julian Caesar have played important roles in Country Of Blind. This film has been written and directed by Rahat Kazmi.