Manisha Rani
Manisha Rani Lifestyle Manisha Rani's life has changed after Bigg Boss OTT, know about her lifestyle

Manisha Rani: After becoming a part of Bigg Boss, fans give so much love to some contestants that their lives change. Some time ago, when Manisha Rani also entered the Bigg Boss house, very few people knew her. But she won the hearts of people so much with her game and entertainment that today she has become a star. Let us know about Manisha Rani’s lifestyle.

Manisha Rani Bought her own house in Mumbai

After Bigg Boss Manisha Rani also bought her own house in Mumbai. Official information regarding the price of the house has not been shared. However, Manisha herself shared the video of her house, in which her house looks quite nice.

Manisha Rani bought a car worth 36 lakhs

After Bigg Boss ended, Manisha was seen many times in auto. Once he told the paparazzi that he did not have a car. But the result of his hard work has been such that he has bought a car worth about Rs 36 lakh. Manisha wrote, “Dreams are not so far, finally I got my first car.”

Manisha has been seen in music videos

During Bigg Boss, Tony Kakkar offered a music video to Manisha Rani. Apart from this, she has also been seen in music videos with Elvish Yadav and Parth Samthaan.

Millions of people follow Manisha Rani

Manisha Rani is followed by 10 lakh people on Instagram and more than 3 lakh people on YouTube. From this also you can get an idea of ​​his popularity and life.

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