Salaar Is The Story Of Salaar's 'Khansaar' Real

Salaar Khansar story: The recently released film ‘Salaar’ shows the story of such a world, seeing which many questions arise in everyone’s mind. This is the story of a world where, despite having every comfort and facility, people are thirsty for each other’s blood.

There is also a question in the minds of some people: is there such a world where, even after everything is so systematic, there is no limit to cruelty? Let us know whether there is a world in reality like this one of ‘Khansar’ and ‘Salaar’.

The story of ‘Khansar’ is imaginary and not real.

This is not a story from the real world but a fictional story that has been created to make the film ‘Salaar’. The roots of this story are related to the mind of the film’s director, Prashant Neel, and he is the one who created it. In reality, there is no such place that is so dangerous and cruel. Where voting takes place, but there is no democracy.

The imaginary story of ‘Khansaar’ was created to make the film.

Not only this, according to a Bollywood Hungama report, the film’s director, Prashant Neel, while talking about its story, said that he wanted to create a place like ‘Khansaar’ for the film. He said he wanted to show that emotions are also important in the most violent place in the world. Therefore, it is clear from the story of the film that it is imaginary and has nothing to do with reality.

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