Is Agastya Nanda dating Suhana Khan 'The Archies' star Mihir Ahuja reveals
Agastya Nanda and Suhana Khan

Suhana Khan dating Agastya Nanda: Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan’s 2023 has been a very strong year. It is said that Shahrukh Khan will make a comeback this year, 2023. Because this year he gave three super hit movies back to back.

Apart from this, the years have been relatively good for the Khan family. The reason is that his daughter Suhana also debuted in Bollywood this year. Although Suhana debuted as an actress with the film ‘The Archies’, on the other hand, there is talk about her romance. Suhana’s name is linked to Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson, Agastya Nanda. Meanwhile, Mihir Ahuja has reacted to the matter.

The affair between Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan and Amitabh Bachchan’s grandson Agastya Nanda has been going on for many days. But till now, no one has made a statement on this. Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda’s friend Mihir Ahuja have reacted to these rumours.

Mihir Ahuja gave an interview on Zoom and reacted. Mihir Ahuja said that the dating status between Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda is not certain. After this statement by Mihir Ahuja, the discussion regarding Suhana Khan and Amitabh Bachchan’s matter has started once again.

Meanwhile, Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda’s film ‘The Archies not only had a romantic scene but also a kissing scene. So-star kids have crossed all boundaries in the very first film. So many videos of Suhana and Agastya go viral on social media. They were also seen together at their New Year’s party. His sister, Navya Naveli Nanda, was also seen at that party, along with Agastya. After seeing this, discussions about their relationship started once again on social media.

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