The Black Phone 2: Ethan Hawke's Terrifying Return to Horror

One of the biggest hits of 2022, The Black Phone, based on the novel of the same name by Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, already has a sequel confirmed for 2025. Now, Deadline has revealed that Ethan Hawke and a large part of the cast of the first film will be in sequence.

In addition to Hawke, who played the story’s antagonist, Mason Thames ( How to Train Your Dragon ), Madeleine McGraw ( American Sniper ), Jeremy Davies ( Lost ) and newcomer Miguel Mora will be in the sequel, which is scheduled for release on July 27, 2025.

Scott Derrickson, who co-wrote and directed the first film, will continue to helm the franchise for the second film. C. Robert Cargill, co-responsible for the script for The Black Phone, will once again collaborate with the filmmaker on the new chapter of the story.

The Black Phone takes place in 1978 and follows a series of kidnappings in the city of Denver, in the United States, linked to a figure known as the Kidnapper ( Hawke ). The serial killer targets local children and makes his next victim a 13-year-old boy named Finney Shaw ( Mason Thames ).

The boy is held hostage in a basement that has only a bed and a black telephone. Every time the device rings, he can hear the voices of the Kidnapper’s latest victims, who try to help him not suffer the same fate as them. Check out the trailer: