This song was removed from Salman Khan's film Then later he got the Oscar Award!
This song was removed from Salman Khan's film Then later he got the Oscar Award!

This song was so much that it was taken to the Oscars and won the Oscar award, but which is this song that was removed for Salman? It was made, and this is the film in which the makers were going to fit this song. Apart from this, in which film from Salman’s film this song was put and how it reached the Oscars, let us know that actually, the song that is being talked about is Jai Ho, which was included in the 2008 film Slum Dog Millionaire.

This song was a super hit all over the world at the time, and it received an Oscar Award in the Best Original Song category. But before this, this song was decided for Salman’s film Yuvvraaj. 


Yes, director Subhash Gayi recently revealed this in an interview and said that AR Rahman’s Jai Ho was composed first. It was in Yuvraj, although the song did not fit the situation of the film; hence, it was not kept in the film. Subhash Ghai told me about the song, Jai Ho, which was made for Yuvraj. We had recorded it, but later I felt that it would not fit in that situation. AR Rahman gave the song to the film Slum Dog Millionaire. He had composed this song.

This song was to be based on the character of Zayed Khan in the film Maya. Subhas Gayi had said that he was happy This song was given to the composer because it was needed in Danny Boyle’s film. He said that I thought the song was too soft for the aggressive character of Zahid Khan. I am happy that he used it. Not only this but in an earlier interview, A. Rahman had also mentioned this incident. He had told me that Subhash Ghai did not want to take this song, i.e., Jai Ho, but Danny Boyle liked this song very much, so I gave him this song.

Overall, from Salman’s Yuvvraaj. This song was removed and included in Slum Dog Millionaire and this song won the Oscar tremendously.

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