Top 5 Horror Korean Web Series On Netflix

Nowadays most people like to watch Korean movies or series. The stories of the Korean series are quite amazing. You will be able to see something special in this series full of action and romance. In today’s article, we tell you about 5 Korean horror web series. Seeing it alone is not within the reach of any common man. However, the story is so strong that even after watching it once, you will like to watch this series again.

1. All of Us Are Dead

A high school is suddenly overrun by a zombie virus. Trapped inside, the students must fight for their lives against the horde of the undead. This series is a fast-paced and thrilling take on the zombie genre, with plenty of action, gore, and emotional moments.

2. Sweet Home

A loner named Cha Hyun-su moves into a new apartment building just as a strange phenomenon begins to engulf the world. People start turning into monsters, and Hyun-su must fight to survive alongside his eccentric neighbours. This series is a blend of action, horror, and suspense, with plenty of gore and creepy monsters.

3. Hellbound

Demonic creatures appear on Earth to deliver pronouncements of damnation to specific individuals. These individuals are then dragged to hell by monstrous beings. The series follows a detective investigating these occurrences and a religious group that believes the pronouncements are divine justice. This series explores themes of morality, religion, and the fear of the unknown.

4. Kingdom

This is Netflix’s first original Korean series. The story of this series is quite powerful. In such a situation, if you want, you can watch this series on weekends.

5. The Cursed

The Cursed web series based on a teenage girl is quite special. You can watch this series on weekends. You can watch this series on Netflix. Talking about the story of this series, a girl can bring dead people back into the world once again. However, it is not so easy for them to do all this.

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