Tripti Dimri House
Tripti Dimri lives in a very beautiful house in real life, so let's see some pictures of her house

Animal’s second heroine Trupti Dimri has become a hot topic these days. The role and boldness of the actress in the film have been liked a lot. After the film, fans have also given Trupti the tag of national crush. The actress is popular on social media. Her brilliant acting as Zoya in Animal won the hearts of the audience. After the film, people constantly want to know about Trupti Dimri, who she is, where she is from, what she does, what her family background etc. Searches regarding Trupti Dimri are continuously increasing, so without any delay let us see some pictures of her inside her home today.

The bedroom is no less than a hotel room

There is not a complete picture of the bedroom, but in whatever picture there is, you can see how beautiful her bedroom is. Be it the interior of the bedroom or the furniture, everything looks very luxurious. Trupti’s bed also looks very nice, in a way it is a great example of sweet and simple.

The swimming pool area is also very special

Tripti Dimri’s house has a pool area, around which there are lots of trees and plants and a garden area. The video of Trupti’s yoga and exercise practice shows that Trupti’s pool area is wonderful and luxurious.

Talking about the main part of Trupti Dimri’s house i.e. the hall, it is also very special, simple and aesthetic. Apart from decor, paintings and other things, some books are kept. Apart from the library and bookshelf, books are also kept here, from which you can imagine how much Trupti is fond of reading books.

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