Bobby Deol

Animal film’s content, action, and actors’ work are being appreciated a lot. Apart from Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby Deol’s character in the film is being discussed a lot. His entry is in the headlines the most, in which he is dancing with a glass on his head. This scene is going viral on social media. Bobby Deol talked about this scene and told how it was shot.

In an interview given to Bollywood Spy, Bobby Deol said that that step was his own. Bobby praised the director for the music and said, “He had already made me listen to the music. He has a very good understanding of music. He has a good understanding of everything related to film production.

Talking about the dance steps, Bobby said, “We had started shooting,” the choreographer said. You do it. I thought, What would I do? I started dancing, and he said, ‘No, no, don’t do it like Bobby Deol.’ Then Saurabh, who played the role of my brother, said, ‘Can you do it and tell? How will you do it?’ Then I suddenly remembered when we used to go to Punjab when we were kids. I remember we used to drink and keep the glass on our heads. I never understood why we did this. This suddenly came to my mind, and I did it. Sandeep liked it.”

This film is the biggest hit of his career, and he is getting a lot of love from people for it. Anil Kapoor had said that he would become a superstar with this film, and the same is happening. A different craze for Bobby Deol is being seen among the people.