What Is The Secret Of Success Of 12th Fail? Know The Reason
What Is The Secret Of Success Of 12th Fail? Know The Reason

12th Fail Success Reason: Actor Vikrant Massey’s film ‘ 12th Fail‘ is such a success story that no one would have even thought of. Made on a low budget, this film is giving competition to the films of big Bollywood actors. Without much promotion or support, ’12th Fail’ has caught the attention of the audience just on the strength of the story.

This film is making waves not only in theatres but also on OTT. This film has achieved success on every platform. But do you know there are many reasons for this success?

What is the reason for it becoming a hit?

You must see this movie, and it gives you many reasons why you can’t miss it. Let us know the reason why ’12th Fail’ was cleared in theatres and OTT without any fanfare. First of all, this movie is playing on OTT because our country’s audience has been shifting to OTT for some time now. Here, everyone has a chance. If the story is good and the acting is good, the audience doesn’t care if the artist is famous or not.

The story inspires

With his talent, he can make the audience laugh in one moment, and he also has the art of making them cry in the next. As soon as it came on OTT, this film reached the top of the IMDb chart. On the one hand, Indian cinema presents a poor form of masculinity; on the other hand, Vikrant Massey is stealing the hearts of the fans by telling the honest story of a hard-working village boy. There is a lot to be learned from the story of Manoj Sharma’s struggle. This brings hope to the lives of many people. This film by Vidhu Vinod Chopra inspires the youth.

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