What was the first income of Prajakta Mali who was paid lakhs of rupees?
What was the first income of Prajakta Mali who was paid lakhs of rupees?

Prajakta Mali is the sweetest actress in the Marathi entertainment industry. Prajakta Mali has created a special place in the hearts of the audience with her acting. Prajakta reached homes through the series ‘Julul Yee Resimgathi’. Prajakta has a huge fan base.

Today Prajakta charges thousands of rupees for a film. However, do you know how much Prajakta’s first earnings were? In an interview, Prajakta revealed his first earnings.

Prajakta Mali

Prajakta recently gave an interview to Rajshree Marathi. In this interview, she has made many revelations about her career as well as her personal life. In this interview, Prajakta was asked how much her first income was. Answering this question, Prajakta said, “I have been working since childhood. I did a lot of dance shows from 6th to 7th grade, but I was paid less. As many as four thousand rupees were received for ‘Tandla Ek Mukhota’. This was my first earnings in the industry.”

Talking about Prajakta Mali’s work, Prajakta entertained the audience through serials, movies, and web series. A few days ago, his film ‘Tin Adakoon Sitaram’ was released. Vaibhav Tattvadi, Alok Rajwade, and Sankarshan Karhade played the lead roles with her in the film. Prajakta’s web series ‘Ranbazaari’ was also very popular. Soon, her new film will reach the public. However, the name of this film has not been announced yet.

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