When will 'Avatar 3' come? Director James Cameron revealed during an interview

The movie ‘Avatar 2: The Way of Water’ was released everywhere on December 16. After the first part of the movie, the audience was eager to watch Avatar 2. Since the trailer of this movie, the curiosity of the fans has reached its peak. The film had achieved a record amount thanks to advance bookings before its release. After its release, ‘Avatar 2’ has broken many records.

The popularity of James Cameron, who has won more than ten Oscar awards, has spread all over the world. After ‘Avatar 2’, the audience is now eagerly waiting for its third instalment. Recently, new information has come out about the third part of this series. According to the report of ‘Pinkvilla’, James Cameron has commented on ‘Avatar 3’.

James Cameron has commented on ‘Avatar 3’ in an interview given to a television channel in New Zealand. The post-production work of this film is going on and it is revealed that he is very excited about the third film. James Cameron clarified that the film is likely to hit the screens during Christmas 2025.

The name of this third part has not been decided yet. The movie ‘Avatar 2’ is the second part of Avatar. Avatar was released in 2009. After that, fans had to wait for 13 years for the second part. Now it is hoped that people will not have to wait for long for ‘Avatar 3’.