Why is Bobby Deol's character Muslim in 'Animal'?
Why is Bobby Deol's character Muslim in 'Animal'?

Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Animal’ is taking the box office by storm. The film crossed the 800 crore mark at the box office within five days and has succeeded in bringing the audience back to the theatres. ‘Animal’ also has a lot of gore, violence, and bold scenes, which has also been criticized by its director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

Not only the audience, but film critics as well as some actors in the film industry are criticizing this film. Overall, the film is being criticized due to various issues like the depiction of female characters, violence, and a male-dominated attitude towards women. Along with Ranbir, Rashmika, and Bobby, Tripti Demary in this film is also being talked about a lot. Especially Bobby’s character, Abrar Haq, is being seen with a lot of good and bad talk.

Bobby’s character has been loved by some, and they have expressed the wish that this character should have appeared in the previous episodes as well. Some people, however, have expressed regret for showing Bobby’s character as a Muslim. Many people are confused by this. Sandeep Reddy Vanga recently commented on this issue during an interview. The director has answered as to what the exact mindset was behind portraying the character of Bobby as a Muslim.

In an interview with ‘Gallata Plus, Sandeep says, “Everyone remembers the Lord during their downfall; many people go to church, go to some Baba, and tie a talisman. For them, it is a rebirth. We see many converts to Islam and Christianity around us, but we have never seen anyone from other religions converting to Hinduism. So I decided to make the characters Muslim because I needed it to show more than one wife.

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